5 reasons why jogging is king

Why You Should Jog

Many people jog every morning daily or a couple times a week. I knew it had health benefits but I wondered what made them wake up day after day for that daily dose exercise. I remember the first time I was jogging, it was completing several laps around a 400m ground for training in primary school and I hated long distance, I was more of a 100m dash, and 200m guy. Well many years later I still hate long distance and I prefer cycling over jogging any day but I recognise the benefits of jogging once you are used to it.

So here are the reasons jogging is good for you:

  • its free

    – all you need are a pair of comfortable sneakers and track pants or shorts

  • increases stamina

    – you will be able to do tasks for longer without getting tired and short of breath

  • its an aerobic exercise

    – good for burning fat, increasing metabolic rate

  • improves blood circulation

    – decreases blood pressure because blood vessels get dilated when jogging, this in turn leads to better transport of nutrients to organs and a decrease in health risks like heart disease and high blood pressure

  • Its a great way to start the day

    – awakened with alot of energy to handle daily tasks, thats if you do it long enough and get used or addicted to the morning run, I for one have never gotten to this stage, my friends always try and convince me to go jogging but I prefer playing soccer, cycling and lifting weights as a form of exercise to get similar results.

I hope this was helpful,I will be posting some stuff on other aerobic exercises in the near future so keep coming back to check the blog out.

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