10 of the most ripped and shredded celebs

Ripped and shredded celebrities

Celebrities are known to put on some muscle very quickly when it is required for a role. Here is a list of 10 celebs that are popular for having some of the best physiques around. I have seen a lot of lists with celebrity muscle but this one has a few additions I have not seen in other list.

1.Chris Evans

– This fella from the fantastic four already had a great physique but took things up a notch for captain america

10 most ripped celebrities
Chris Evans 10 most ripped celebrities

2. Chris Hemsworth

– this Aussie dude put on some serious muscle for the movie Thor, another guy who was already in great shape before packing on mass, it seems like the skinny lean days are over in Hollywood

10 most ripped celebrities
Chris Hemsworth 10 most ripped celebrities

3. Joe Manganiello

– this dude from True Blood is seriously jacked and is adding to the image of wolves being buff and vampires being pale skinny dead bloodsuckers.

10 most ripped hollywood stars
Joe Manganiello 10 most ripped celebrities

4. Mehcad Brookes

– when I first saw this guy on desperate housewives, I did not think he was this buff or maybe he wasn’t at that time, but he has gone on to act as the buff Eggs in True Blood and is also a model for cK.

10 most ripped celebrities
Mehcad Brooks 10 most ripped celebrities

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5. Ryan Reynolds

– van Wilde grew some muscle and is now one of the most ripped guys in Hollywood, of course he gained mass a while ago, but its still worth noting because he has maintained that great physique as seen on The green lantern movie.

ten most ripped celebs
Ryan Reynolds ten most ripped celebs

6. Taylor Lautner

– this kid from twilight ( the movie that destroyed the image of vampires) has a great physique rivalling and even surpassing others in Hollywood who have been working out since forever. He once again shows off his great physique in his 2011 movie Abduction.

ten most ripped stars
Taylor Lautner ten most ripped celebs

7. Hugh Jackman

– this would not be a Hollywood muscle list without the wolverine, he is in awesome shape and is still maintaining his build. He was still looking top notch in Real Steel.

ten most ripped hollywood stars
Hugh Jackman ten most ripped stars in Hollywood

8. Peter Mensah

Peter Mensah at age 53 has quite an impressive physique, who wouldn’t want to look like that at 50, he spots the body of a 20 something year old gym addict, very impressive indeed.
peter mensah most ripped celebs
Peter Mensah from Spartacus and 300 most ripped celebrities

9. Cam Gigandet

– he is a bit on the skinny side compared to the guys up the list but he has a super lean and cut body as show-cased in twilight and never back down, even in his role as bad boy in the Oc.

cam gigandet most lean ripped celebs
Cam Gigandet never back down most ripped celebs

10. Ryan Kwanten

– He like cam is also on the leaner side of the line but not every person wants to be big. This true blood star is in great shape.

Ryan Kwanten most ripped actors
Ryan Kwanten true blood ten most ripped celebrities

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