YouTube Intro Video – how and why I started working out

I am starting to familiarize myself with vlogging on YouTube as I feel its a good way to reach a new crowd. So I have been trying to make videos to post on a regular basis. My problem has been that I have not been able to be myself in front of a camera but the more videos I make, I feel I will eventually be comfortable enough in front of the camera to show my full personality. This video is basically a recollection of the events that led to me lifting weights for the first time back in 2011, just so people who have not read this blog and are seeing my content for the first time know where I am coming from.

I already posted the week 1 progress video of me while I am doing the arnold type split, I will post another one in a few weeks time, and I am planning on shooting some workout vids in the next few weeks/months, mainly home workout vids for now, will consider doing other vids at a later stage when it is possible.

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great day!

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