Working Out Wherever You Are – The Power of Body-weight Exercises

I remember the first time I saw a Hannibal Video on YouTube  I was amazed at the things and the body weight workouts he was able to do using resources that are available in most community parks, resources like jungle gyms etc.

If you have never seen a Hannibal video, here is one with him and Barilla doing their thing as usual.

Getting Ripped Using Body-weight Exercises

I have written a lot about body-weight exercises in the past and I will link to those posts at the end of this post , I have also written about my own personal experiences from using body-weight training. I believe that body-weight training can be a very effective way to build a lean muscular physique like the physiques of male gymnasts and people who do complex and simple body-weight exercises like the ones done in the video above.

To get results from doing body-weight exercises one must be consistent and like with weights people do progressive overload, with body-weight exercises, you have to progressively increase the difficulty and intensity of your body-weight exercises.

You have to progress from normal shoulder width push ups to close grip push ups, to doing 100 rep sets, to being able to do one arm push ups, you have to progress from doing body weight squats to doing pistols (single legged squats), you have to progress from doing pull ups/ chin ups and simple abs exercises like hanging leg raises and sit ups to being able to do front levers. My point is the more you do body weight, exercises the stronger and more lean muscle you gain but that means you have to do more difficult exercises, higher reps, shorter breaks, or no breaks at all so that you challenge yourself and bring your body to the next level.

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Here is another pair who do some amazing things and have managed to build great aesthetic bodies using just their body weight to train, the Bar Brothers. Watch this to see their inspirational transformation.

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