Why You Should Play Soccer/Football Inspired by the AFCON 2013

With AFCON 2013 fever around I thought it would be great to
write about some of the reasons why you should play soccer. Besides that it is
the most loved sport in the world, enjoyed by most people from the poor to the
wealthy, from young boys to women.
moses mabhida stadium durban south africa
Moses Mabhida Stadium Where Bafana Bafana will play Mali
Photo by: Vuyo Mbuli

Benefits of
Playing Soccer

It is gives you a great workout, it is great for
cardiovascular exercise. So that means if you want to lose weight giving soccer
a try would be a good option for you especially if you want that great 6 pack.
Have you noticed that many soccer players such as Super Mario Ballotelli,
Christiano Ronaldo are in great shape because of soccer? Also other than those two players, if you are a soccer
fan and watch a lot of top matches you will see that many of the guys are
insanely ripped and low body fat because they play soccer, there are lots of
player in the AFCON 2013 South Africa who are insanely ripped. You also build
strength, flexibility and endurance through training, stretching and playing
soccer. Playing
improves muscle and bone strength as well.
When you start playing soccer really young, you can develop
your skills and play professionally. There is lots of money to be made in
soccer especially for very talented players. The top soccer leagues are in Europe
mainly in England, Spain, France and Germany. Soccer players make millions from
sponsorship deals; sponsors are willing to pay big money because they know
soccer has a lot of appeal across all races in all continents maybe except Antarctica.
Soccer is fun, like many others I grew up playing soccer
with friends around my neighbourhood and at school, some of my friends even
played for local teams. Even if you do not want to be a soccer star, playing
soccer is a good way to socialise with others, make new friends and form
stronger bonds with your mates by defeating others in soccer.
moses mabhida stadium full during bafana match
FULL Moses Mabhida Stadium During AFCON 2013
PHOTO by: Taahir
Soccer promotes team work, so by learning to work in a team,
it will be easier for you to work with a team in other things in life that are
not necessarily connected with soccer. Soccer also boost your confidence and
may take you out of your shell as it is mostly played in public grounds, if you
are good at your position, whether its striking goals, being a creative middle
fielder or a tough defender, you will gain confidence and we all know
confidence is something that is important, something that is needed to succeed
in whatever we do. Soccer may even make you cool, and therefore get girls if
that is what you want, sports guys always get girls. Top soccer stars like
Super Mario and Christiano Ronaldo have been with some of the most beautiful
girls in the world.
I love soccer; I hope you do too check out what has been
happening with the AFCON 2013 here.

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