Why blogging and fitness are the same…

So its been a while since you made that new years resolution, the gyms are empty now and only the regulars still remain. See I have read hundreds of articles about blogging in the past couple of months and even more articles about fitness and workouts in my lifetime (which has not been very long). What I found is that in blogging a lot of guys think they are just going to write a few posts and traffic will rush in and they will put adsense on their sites and boom they make a whole lot of money, just like that. 

This only happens in dreams you see just like those slackers who go to the gym for a couple of days and expect to see some magical results, the bloggers who expect to see magic happen will be disappointed sooner rather then later, and just like the regulars in the gym remain all year round, so will the probloggers and hard workers in the blogosphere.

Blogging takes a lot of research and hard work, researching information for your latest post, which key words will be most effective, seo stuff and guest posting( which I have not done yet), commenting on similar blogs and submitting articles to article directories. You also have to make sure your blog looks professional so that readers take you serious or so that they atleast have a good first impression. Constantly posting content that is useful on a regular basis, its all very hard work and many new bloggers give up or ignore their blogs because it ends up being a chore and not as easy as they expected.

Same goes for working out, it needs proper research so you know what you are doing. You need to find out what to eat, why you need to eat it. What workout to do for your particular fitness goals and why you need to do those workouts. You need to know what rep ranges to play around with, and what is needed to make sure you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. On your way to figuring all this out, there are a lot of sites that gives false hope and information, a lot of products that promise the impossible. The key is to be knowledgeable so that you know what is in the natural limitations of human growth and recovery. You don’t want to do some silly moves or lift too heavy and risk injury where you could have achieved a great result without hurting yourself.

Getting a great body requires a dedication like no other, it requires you to work your butt of every time you are in the gym even when it seems the results are not coming, tweak a few things and eventually everything you have been working for comes together and before you know it you have built your masterpiece whether its a blog or a fantastic physique. I am still building my masterpieces, you can build yours too.

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