What is inspiring about fitness personalities

Do you notice that all people in fitness especially in tv ads, wear muscle shirts and wife beaters and shorts or tracksuit pants…I mean the skinny ones, the old guys who are losing muscle mass, and obviously the ones who should be wearing muscle shirts in their prime with ripped and shredded physiques.

 I mean I do not get it, you get some people in the fitness industry who are well known but do not look the part. Then you get people with awesome godly bodies that most women would love to get a piece of and most men would kill to get, but these guys are not as successful as their skinny, muscle-less counterparts. They both dress the same, the guy with a killer body would put the other guy to shame just by standing next to him, but still the skinny or old guy who used to to be in top shape is the one in the tv ads with the guy in top shape in the background as a model.

Maybe its that the skinny aerobics fitness guy is a hit when it comes to training ladies and the older people who would rather buy devices that promise a shortcut to great abs and a lean body, or is it that the skinny guys don’t seem to have the douche bag effect that many of their jacked up counterparts have. They may have an awesome inspirational personality, I do not know and frankly I do not understand.

I was inspired by jacked up Arnold like characters when I was a kid, Van Damme, Rambo and super heroes are some of the other people I used to want to be like. All those people have/had muscle and definition and I know that the look is the first thing that inspires me the most, its all about the visuals.  The look is the most important thing to young guys, most of us don’t worry about doing marathons or triathlons, but maybe the type of fitness inspiration differs with age and sex. I mean who is most likely to use some vibrating belt that promises to get you abs, younger people would at least try working out first to try proven methods to get abs for free than buy a belt they are not even sure works. I guess it all depends on the target market which fitness people are more suitable to which people.

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