Weight loss over the last 5 months (forced cut)

Hey guys its been a while since I last posted here, about 5 months. In that time a lot has changed, I am going to give you guys an update about where I am now and what I will do going forward. I have lost a lot of weight in the past 5 months, close to 20lbs of weightloss. That is a lot of weight to lose especially for me but once I explain how I lost this weight then its easy to figure out how to correct this problem.

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Why I lost weight

Firstly I was at a caloric deficit for a long time so understandably I lost weight, by this I mean I went from eating 5-6 meals per day to eating 2- 3 meals per day (the 2 meals a day being when I skip breakfast), that is halving the amount of food I used to eat. The 2-3 meals a day I was eating was not enough to maintain my previous bigger body-weight so naturally I started losing weight. The reason I was on this involuntary cut was because when I went back to university I was no longer living in a catering residence like I used to, so now I had to cook for myself. I was too lazy to prepare lots of food ahead of time so I started eating 3 times a day like a normal person, plus being on a student budget I did not have readily available food always in the fridge like I did at home so there went my extra meals which I usually had at home. I was also not using supplements to assist me.

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The other thing that made me lose mass is that I was not going to the gym as often as I was going when I was still at home which was up to 6 times week. I went to gym whenever I could find time and that meant I went 2-3 times per week. I was also not lifting as heavy as I usually did because I did not have a gym partner to spot me (its a mental thing but having a gym partner is very helpful). I tried finding guys to gym with at school and in the building where I live but our timetables did not allow us to go to the gym at the same times and most guys are just not into lifting like I am. Also I lived pretty far from the gym so I could not go at night, otherwise the problem would have been solved I think.

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How am going to gain back the weight

Since I know how I lost the weight its simple to figure out how to gain back the weight, firstly I will start eating more again. I am going to buy supplements to help me reach my daily caloric goals since I find it difficult to reach them by eating real food.

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weight loss and v tapers 5 months

As far as making time to go to the gym, I will go whenever I find time, if I can make it to the gym at least 3 times a week I think I can gain back the weight I have lost so long as I am eating enough food because at the end of the day the amount of calories consumed are what determine whether you lose or gain weight. Also I am thinking of doing mainly compound exercises for a while, I will still do a push, pull, legs split but with mostly compound exercises instead of isolation exercises.

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