Week 3 Eat Stop Eat Results (intermittent fasting)

Hey guys I am going to share my eat stop eat journey so far.
It’s been 3 weeks since I first said I was going to fast again, I had
previously used the lean gains method but I thought I would try out the more
difficult but effective 24 hour fast. Just remember that when you are using the
eat stop eat method you fast for 1 or 2 days in a week and these are not
consecutive days, you also have to work out at least 3 times a week so that you
maintain your muscle mass whilst burning the fat in your body because when you
are in a fasted state the body uses the fat as energy after the energy from
carbs is used up during your fast.
3 weeks eat stop eat results
3 weeks fasting using eat stop eat method

Something to think

To lose fat or weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit,
other diets require you to count macros but not intermittent fasting because technically
it’s not a diet. So instead of thinking about what to eat and what not to eat I
know if I fast for 1 or 2 days a week I am covered as long as I eat as I usually
eat on the other days when I am not fasting, I must not try to eat extra food
just because I was fasting. So I usually consumed 2500 calories to 3000
calories per day before I started fasting, I have not decreased the calories I
eat on non fasting days so in a week I am eating at least 2500 calories less
than before I started fasting or 5000 calories less if I fasted for two days
during that week.
Think about it this way, to lose one pound of weight
in a week you have to decrease 500 calories per day so that at the end of the
week you are at a deficit of 3500 calories which equals 1lbs of fat. With eat
stop eat you achieve this quite easily especially if you fast 2 days per week.

3 weeks eat stop eat ripped abs from side
3 weeks eat stop eat, abs from the side

How I coped with the
not eating

I have used intermittent fasting before last year when I was
doing 16 hour fasts daily and I did struggle a little at the beginning last
year but I got used to it, this time around I have been finding it relatively
easy. The thing I have been struggling with is keeping myself busy so I do not
think of food. The hunger does not get to me, I feel just fine it’s just that I
have programmed eating regularly into my brain that I sometimes find myself
going to the kitchen to make coffee or a sandwich/snack then I realize I can’t
eat anything because I am fasting, it’s not like I am hungry then just used to
the action of eating, missing the feeling of a full stomach, my stomach is not
used to being empty. You can drink coffee when you are using eat stop eat fasting
method, but it has to be black coffee with nothing else, no sugar, milk or
cream. Coffee by itself almost has no calories I think its 1 cal or 2 cal, the
things you add to sweeten it carry the calories. I don’t like black coffee with
no sugar so whenever I find myself heading to the kitchen I drink a glass of
water instead then I go and find something to keep me busy so I don’t think
about food.

eat stop eat results in 3 weeks
Eat stop eat 3 week progress picture/selfie

Am I seeing results

I often had a little belly because my stomach was always
full of food or bloated, but as soon as I started fasting that problem is solved, my stomach is always
flat again and my ab definition is coming back (they were starting to
disappear). My sister was teasing me calling me fat, telling me I eat too much, and a few friends I had not seen in a couple of years saw me in town, they were like “wow bro you have gotten buff, now you gotta work on that stomach”. My goal with the fasting is to see how defined my muscles can get,
to see how lean I can get whilst keeping my muscle mass. I also want to make my
lower abs visible, so the fasting will help me get rid of the most stubborn
belly fat that sits just around and below the belly button.
Watch the video below to see how I am looking on week 3 of
Eat Stop Eat

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