Training at home – how to have hardcore home workout

Home training made easy

Most people are busy and cannot find time to go to the gym so their best option is training at home. It could be that deciding to go to the gym is one thing but having to travel in order to get to the gym is a hassle, especially if its not within close proximity to where you live. Many others are embarrassed or are too lazy to got the gym. There are many others with gym memberships who never use them. Training at home could be a great solution for most of these people.

Most of the time training at home involves body weight exercise, so before you continue, I will like to show you a video of Herschel Walker who was and still is a professional athlete, but now he does MMA. He does not train like most athletes an yet he is successful.

Here are a few advantages of training at home:

  • You could use a workout video if you want to see how workouts are done without having to bother anyone.
  • If you are the type of person who likes being motivated and pushed, you could use an instructional workout video to give you step by step instructions and pump you up.
  • Working out at home in front of your family will enable your family to encourage you to work hard and your family might even end up joining you. The home workout might end up bringing you guys closer together as a bonding activity while improving the overall health and fitness of your family.
  • Most people give up easily, so if you are one of those lazy people who lack motivation, working out at home could save you money because you did not pay for a gym membership you do not use. And you could always pick things up where they left off without any extra cost except your initial investments.
  • If you bought some home workout equipment, it could still be used by other members of your family who are concerned with their health and fitness, so it would not be a total waste of money if you stopped working out at some point.

Still on the home workout topic I would like to list a few things that are affordable and could be of assistance with a home workout program:


    This is to help you do different variations of pull-ups, from wide grip to close grip, it allows comfortable handling that fits your hands. It could also be used for ab targeted exercises such as hanging leg raises. It is easy to use, usually you just hook it on a door frame then after your workout you simply unhook it. Its easy to store and portable. You do not necessarily need a pull-up bar to do those exercises but it just makes the exercises easier and has a better grip and angles than most people would find on horizontal bars around their houses.
  • Exercise Mat

    Workout mats are useful in that you do not lie directly on the floor when doing your floor exercises. They provide comfort compared to the hardness of the floor. Workout mats help you avoid carpet burns and other discomforts associated with doing floor exercises like sit-ups, push ups and plank exercises directly in contact with the floor.
  • Exercise Ball
    These help add some variety to the common floor exercises. You could use them to create a challenge in stability exercises, to create angles by lying on the exercise ball a certain way. Exercise ball help make a workout more interesting and challenging because doing the same thing all the time gets boring, you get bored, your muscle get bored and you don’t see results.
  •  Resistance Bands

    These help to create resistance so that you can build and tone your muscle by making the workout challenging. There are many home workouts that use resistance bands to help with creating resistance whether is for a leg, arm, chest or ab exercise.
  • Aerobic Stepper

    People use steppers to create angles and increase level of difficulty of different exercises. If you are doing squats you could combine it with stepping up and down the stepper to make it difficult. Steppers are used mostly for aerobic exercises and mainly for leg workouts for that extra burn.

The options mentioned above are for an affordable home training option, weights and workout benches can also be bought to aid yo in building a fantastic body.

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