The mirror vs the scale – what you should look at to measure your progress

We are all different and we all want all kinds of physiques. Some of us want the fitness model physique, some of us just want a lean athletic physique, some of us just want to lose weight. There are others who want a body builder shirt ripping body and then there are those who are in it to improve their performance in sport.

Fitness is a wide field and all of us have different expectations  and goals but those of us that want a lean, ripped, jacked physique like that of a fitness model have different measures of how we want to look. I am about 5’11” and 176 pounds the last time I checked and my goal weight to achieve a fitness model physique will not be the same as a 6’1” or a 5’8” guy. I cannot model myself after a guy who is much taller or shorter than me.

I could perhaps model myself after a fitness model who is 6’0” tall or 5’10’ since we are almost the same height, but even then I would have to see if we have the same build. Guys of the same height could have same weight but one could look bigger or leaner than the other because of their build. The important thing to me is proportion and maintaining a low body fat.

When you have a certain physique goal to reach, you often become obsessed with weighing yourself, to see whether you are adding that weight but I often found that sometimes i thought i looked bigger in the mirror and then when I went on the scale it would state otherwise. In fact I had lost a couple hundred grams or kilo’s. On the other hand I would sometimes look so lean and I would think I’m becoming skinny again but the scale would say I have gained I never I understood why. So I decided I would not weigh myself that often anymore and I would concentrate on how I look because it was the look of a fitness model I was looking for. and i was not sure what weight I would need to be when I achieved my goal.

This brings me back to why I looked at Fitness models of similar height and body structure. I found out their stats so I could estimate how much more mass I had to gain in order to look as good as them. I also knew that these guys were ripped so I probably had to gain more weight than my target weight so that I could cut and my ripped weight would be on par with my goal weight.

I am still on this uphill battle of gaining weight (muscle) but I am slowly getting closer and closer to my goals weight. I will check About a month from now to see how much I weigh then.

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