The intermittent fasting bulk – update

Its been a couple of weeks since I have been doing this intermittent fasting thing and combining it with compound exercises in the hopes of bulking up.  Ideally combining these two systems would produce great results, because it would allow me to add mass slowly over time while not adding as much fat as the bulk and cut type of combo used by body-builders and most people who want to gain mass.

Changing of workout days – Inconsistency

I have not been working out abs as I have in the previous months but that is not my concern right now. I have been working out 3 days a week doing compound exercises but I have been mixing up days, the plan was to have a day in between workouts for example I would have to workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but I have been having a hard time doing that. I have often gone a couple days with out workout out like I would workout Monday and then maybe Thursday and Sunday if I don’t workout Saturday which would mean I could only workout Tuesday.

couple of weeks of intermittent fasting

Fluctuating energy levels

I have fluctuating energy levels, sometime I have lots of energy and my workouts are amazing, and my day is amazing but sometimes my energy levels are non-existent and I feel tired and slow, so its either I do not workout that day or I force a workout out of me and it is usually horrible and I struggle to lift the weights. This has been the reason I’ve had to change the days I workout sometimes to accommodate for the lack of energy.

intermittent fasting bulk

Contributing factors

I have been having a hard time sleeping in the past couple of weeks so that is the main reason my my whole routine has gone bonkers, not sleeping or having enough rest leads to fatigue and a general slowness associated with fatigue. Maybe my meal timing also has a contributing factor especially if I eat less than an hour before I workout on other days or If I am not really active and the food has not gotten absorbed yet before my workout, leaving me feeling without strength and energy during my workout.

my intermittent fast

Action plan

I am going to try and sleep earlier than usual now, and I will be looking for foods which are more energy boosters before my workouts, I will start drinking coffee again( I had stopped drinking coffee a couple weeks ago as-well that could be a contributing factor in my energy drain). I guess I had too many things going on at once.

 I feel I would have gotten better results if I had been following a consistent schedule but I’m am pleased non the less with what I have seen so far, as I become more consistent and rest more and play around with meal timing I will see what works best for me, It is all about trying things out and tweaking them to suit you.

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