The best way to grow muscle in 2017

It’s a new year so people have New Year’s resolutions, they
want to do things better this year especially when it comes to their health and
fitness. Today I will share with you a way that you can get results in the gym
this year. Using the tips I share in this article you will build solid muscle
this year and be on your way to achieving your dream body.

How to get your dream
body in 2017

Step 1 – setting realistic goals

I am all about goals so the first thing you will need to do
is set realistic goals for yourself, so that each month you are not
disappointed (you cannot gain 10kg of solid muscle in a month, it takes time,
but if you are new to gym then you will get beginner gains then progress will
start to slow down.)

Step 2- Get a workout program

You will need to design a workout program for yourself that
fits your timetable, for example you need to figure out if you can gym 5 days a
week or you can only manage 3 times a week and then design a workout plan that
takes that into account to cater for all bodyparts as you will want to have a
balanced physique. If you are new to gyming you might not be able to design
your own workout plan so I suggest you go online and search fitness websites
that interview fitness models or go to bodybuilding,com and look for  compound workout programs which I would
recommend for beginners. If I were a beginner at the gym for example I would
look for a fitness model who inspires me and is my goal physique (in my case
that is Ryan Terry as we are around the same height and similar build without
the godly aesthetics of course and the muscle mass). I would look for his sample
workout plan which he has shared in interviews
with fitness blogs online. Doing your goals physiques training routine serves
two purposes, one it saves you the trouble of having to figure out your own
training plan and two it keeps you motivated as you will want to follow every
detail of the workout plan as you want to look like that person so much. With
time you will learn how to tweak workouts in a way that best works for you and
see what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Ryan Terry’s Workout (Replace
with whom ever has your goal physique

 Monday: BackSuperset: Wide Grip Pull Ups      4×12-15
Wide Grip Pulldowns      4×12-15
Superset: Close Grip Pulldowns 4×12-15
Close Grip Seated Rows                3×12-15
Bent Over Rows               4×12-15
Deadlifts              4×8-10
 Tuesday: Arms/Abs
 Triceps Dips        4×8
Single Arm Triceps Pushdowns  3×10-12
Skull Crushers    3×10-12
EZ Barbell Curls 3×8-10
Single Arm Dumbbell Curls           4×8-10
Hammer Curls   3×8-10
Sit-ups  4×50
Side Obliques Twists       3×20
Planks   3 sets to
Weighted Crunches        3×12-15
 Wednesday: Legs 
 Squat    4×10
Hack Squat          3×8-10
Leg Press             3×12
Leg Extension    4×12-15
 Thursday: Shoulders
 Side Lateral Raises           4×10-12
Smith Machine Seated Military Press      4×8-15
Straight Arm Front Raise               3×15
Cable Rear Delts Raises 3×15
Front Barbell Shrugs       3×12
Rear Barbell Shrugs         3×12
 Friday: Chest/Abs 
 Incline Barbell Press        4×10-12
Flat Dumbbell Press        3×10
Cable Fly’s           4×10-12
Incline Dumbbell Fly’s    3×10
Hanging Leg Raises          3
sets to failure
Abdominal Crunches      3×10
Cable Woodchop             3×15-20
 Saturday: Legs
 Single-leg Hamstring Curls            4×10-12
Stiff-leg Lying Leg Curls  4×10-12
Weighted Walking Lunges            3×10-12
Seated Calf Raises           3×10-12
Smith Machine Calf Raises           3×30
Single-leg Calf Raises      4×20
 Sunday is Rest day!

Step 3 – make sure you are eating the right food and using
the best supplements if you can afford them

Most people think they eat enough but they never seem to get
bigger and that is because usually they are not really eating enough, they just
think they are, when you actually track how many calories you eat and you make
sure you eat above maintenance calories it becomes easier to bulk and you start
getting bigger. Supplements make gym and bulking a lot easier, you get more
energy, recover faster and get bigger faster than without them depending on
which supplements you use. To get the best result try and take the supplements
your goal physique is taking so that everything of yours closely resembles what
they do so that you can get similar results as much as naturally possible. In
my case I would have to eat like Ryan Terry, here is his sample diet below:
Ryan Terry’s Diet:

Meal 1  120g Oats, 30g Blueberries, 10g Almonds &
30g of Whey Protein
Meal 2  3 Eggs & 2 slices of Granary Bread
Meal 3  Tin of Tuna, 300g White Potato & Mixed
Meal 4  200g Chicken Breast & 80g Dry White Rice
Meal 5  300g Steak, 200g Sweet Potato & Mixed
Meal 6  200g Salmon
& Salad

Supplements     In an interview on a
USN website
Ryan terry shared his top 5 supplements as BCAA PowerPunch,
Pure Protein GF-1, Hardcore Whey gH, CLA Thermos, and finally protein delite
bars as a snack (please note that links in pics are affiliate links).

Step 4 – be consistent

Once you start do not stop going to gym do not stop counting
your caloric intake, make sure you are always achieving your daily caloric
goals. Do not stop taking your supplements if the money agrees and before long
you will start
seeing results
, others will probably see them first which will spur you on
to work even harder.

Step 5 – stay hydrated and get enough rest

There is no need to train more than an hour, muscles grow
outside of gym when you are resting and feeding them. Drink enough water
especially when you are using creatine or products like Hardcore Whey gH
containing creatine.

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