The best reason to workout is for your own self improvement

Many guys join the gym not because they want to but because some girl makes a statement that they are too skinny or everyone around them says they are fat and if people are saying those things, you usually are fat or skinny. If you are happy with the way you are you don’t listen to them but most of us are not happy with the way we look and by the time it gets to the negative comments and the teasing we have already promised ourselves several times before, that we are going to work out or eat healthier but until then have failed to do so.

Us guys mostly start working out for girls, because we think being fit and having muscle will get us girls, or we start working out because we are inspired by our big brothers or fathers who are into working out or maybe even that Conan or Street fighter movie we saw when we were growing up.

The working out to please others part does not end very well, because you don’t have a proper reason to workout and you never really wanted to join the gym, you join for a couple weeks and then you quit because you are not inspired. Sometimes you start off wanting to be muscular for girls then you realise you want to do it for yourself and then you sometimes go past the chick pleasing physique and end up having a bigger more muscular physique then you initially wanted but you are too into muscle building now and not the pleasing girls part.

I have friends who are in it because they are impressed by Ronnie Coleman type physiques whereas I am impressed by fitness model and in bodybuilding I’m impressed by Frank Zane type physiques. It stops being about being skinny because the same people who used to say you were skinny are the same people who will say you are getting too big. It becomes about you and how you want to look, that is if you survive the first few weeks and get bitten buy the gym bug.

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  • Ab Workout says:

    Going to gym is my past times and it was fun. I agree with your post most of the guys are insecure on how they look and with that some of us decided to go to gym. Sometimes when I got bored I usually do some exercise stuffs at home with my brothers. Thank you for sharing.

  • Fitness 2021 says:

    Thank you for the comment, glad to see that exercising is not a chore to you and its a fun activity when you are board. I too atv some point got my whole family involved in exercise but more especially my siblings.

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