The 3 kinds of people when it comes to personal fitness

A thought came across my mind yesterday when I was getting my daily dose of fitness information from other blogs, I like reading how other people get in shape, I like learning about their diets and what has worked for them in terms of workout frequency. I also like to see how different people stay motivated. And so this lead me to this  post, I would like to further talk about how your personality in terms of studies and studies is related to how you approach fitness and your fitness education.
When it comes to learning we all have different ways of taking in information and then putting it to use, it is sort of like problem based learning for example when you are out of shape you should not just learn about losing weight but you should be implementing what you learn along the way so that your learning actually helps you to get into shape. 
hard work pays off

What I want to focus on today is how we prefer to do our learning, as the title of this post says, I want to talk about fitness personalities, the 3 kinds that are most common. 

First there is the kind that needs to be spoon fed like in high school where most of your teach give you basically all the resources to pass and you hardly do anything by yourself, in fitness you can compare this to people who need to buy a step by step workout instruction book that has everything written down for them, which makes it easier to follow.
Then there is the kind of person who has the school teacher but needs additional help like a tutor to help them understand better so that they have more time focussed on the subject, these people in fitness are the kinds that get personal trainers for a more one on one approach, they actually need to be pushed and told what to do to achieve their fitness goals.
Then there is the third kind of person, the person who does not pay attention in class because they prefer studying at home by themselves or the person who reads all the resources before they are thought, this person often seeks out their own extra resources and usually thrive at a university level or at things they are passionate about. In fitness you can compare this person to someone who like experimenting and doing their own thing, prefers to set up their own workout plan based on findings from the research they have been doing, whether its reading peoples blogs or health and fitness magazines.
You have to figure out which type of person you are and do what is best for you whether it means doing some research, buying an ebook or hiring a personal trainer, as long as you are actually using that rasource and  working out. 

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