Taking My Physique to the next level of fitness

I have been slacking lately in terms of when I do certain exercises, I enjoy doing upper body workouts more than leg workouts and I enjoy training chest and arms in particular although I have been doing more of abs of late. I have always had thick legs, I guess its my genetics because my father has thick legs and he has never worked out a day in his life. I do not want to be those guys with extra thick thighs, such that normal cut pants don’t fit me, my pants are already tight now. I am not working out legs so much now, been working them once every couple of weeks and I have been doing mostly exercises that will define my legs more rather than increase the thickness. I know its important to work out legs in order to gain size because of its effects on the hormones responsible for growth, and I know I should work them out more often and I will with this new approach I am going to test drive.

Well I read a post and watched a few videos of Greg Plitt and I was inspired, this led me to go to his site and read his bio and watch even more of his videos (which are awesome BTW). This dude is seriously jacked and he has to be in order to stay the number 1 fitness model in the world with a magazine cover every month for the past 5 years. I mean not only does he look super ripped but he has functional muscle, he is not just decorative muscle, he is a very active/athletic individual. Earlier today I stumbled upon a forum on bb.com that had his full routine, then I thought I should try it out and see if it works for me. Well it basically has no days off meaning I will be working out every day but my body will get enough rest because I will be working out each body part once every 5 days giving it ample time to recover as long as I am sleeping right and eating right. I am hoping this is the first step of taking my physique to the next level.

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