Swim your way to a lean body like Michael Phelps

Swimming to burn calories

I am not a fan of water sports like swimming but come Olympic time and I am watching to see who the fastest swimmer in the world is and who takes the most gold medals home. Then at the end of the Olympics I think about what makes swimming a great sport and why I should consider swimming in the near future, aside from the fact that swimmers have lean toned athletic bodies.

So just in case you are on the fence on why you should learn to swim or swim more regularly here are a few reasons why you should swim:

Michael Phelps olympic body
Michael Phelps swimming to victory

  • Swimming at a non-competitive level can be done by people of all ages, provided you have learnt how to swim ofcourse, we don’t want people drowning now do we.
  • Swimming is a great aerobic exercise and awesome for  getting in shape
  • Unlike other aerobic exercises which impact your joints really negatively because you have to support your whole body weight, swimming is better for your body because in the water you don’t have to support your own body weight so there is less stress on your body.
  • People of all sizes can swim, it does not matter how big or skinny you are.
  • While in the pool, you could use the water for resistance exercises 
  • Swimming builds strenght and endurance overtime as you get used to it and get better at it
  • It is great for your lung capacity, over time you will be able to hold your breathe for longer and be able to take in more oxygen with every breathe you take
  • Its fun to swim, its a great way to meet others and socialise
  • Swimming gives you a great excuse to walk around half naked so you can show of all that hard work you have been putting in the gym
  • It is a great way to exercise and tone your whole body by using a variation of strokes

There are many reasons why swimming is a good alternative to conventional cardio exercises, they may be recreational or health related but one thing is for sure, swimming is one hell of a good sport.

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