Struggling to Lose Weight, Gain Muscle or Commit to a Nutrition and Lifting Plan

Many people have commitment problems and I am not talking
about relationships here. People fail to make a commitment with themselves to stick
with their nutrition plans and to go regularly to the gym. This leads to
failure to lose weight or gain muscle, whatever that person’s particular goal
is. Many a time, things are going well and you are losing some weight then
something like Christmas or another occasion that involves gobbling down lots
of food comes along an you go back to your old habits. In the case of the
person who wants to gain muscle, you go to the gym regularly and see no results
but still go until that one time you are on a trip or get sick then you never
go back thinking “it was not working anyways”. It is like people want to fail;
they abort the mission as soon as they can find an excuse.  In order to achieve your fitness goals whether
its weight loss or weight gain, you are going to have to start by assessing
Struggling to lose weight, how about setting some gaols.
Why you want to lose weight/gain muscle?
You have to ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it because
of you? Is it because of others? The reason you need to figure this out why you
are losing weight or gaining muscle is because if you are doing it to please others
you are bound to fail. There is a higher chance of success if you are doing it
for you! Also when you fail to accomplish your goals, know that it means
nothing to others, they will forget about it. If you are the type that always
promises to lose weight and you always fail, people will stop taking you
seriously when you make such promises again but what they think is not
important. What is important is you! You are the one that has to live with
yourself, so what matters is what you think and what you want.
Struggling to gain muscle or lose weight, its time to drop the excuses and better yourself.

Every time you fail ask yourself how you feel? Would you
like to feel that way ever again? What are you going to do to make sure that
you never feel that way again? Answering these questions is important because
if you are disappointed in yourself and feel like a loser, you won’t want to disappoint
yourself again. How will you do that? By working harder than you did before and
being consistent this time round.  Everyone fails at some point but it’s
important to forgive yourself, and start building from there. I hear about people,
who lose a few pounds, only to stop doing what was obviously working for them
then they gain the weight back, because they feel guilty they indulge
themselves with comfort food which will make them worse than they were before
the weight loss. The aim is to improve and not to go backwards which is why it
is important to forgive yourself for your failures.
You have failed in the past, now its gone start a new chapter.

Each and every one of us is capable of achieving goals  more
so in fitness because there are so many resources available to us for free and
for sale if you really think it’s necessary. There is no shortage of support
and motivation especially online.  

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