so…so hungry! Pain of gyming!

I don’t know what it is about creatine monohydrate or X4 ethyl esther, they have some strange effects on me. When I am still on the creatine I don’t feel tired, I drink lots of water and I never feel hungry. Everything feels normal, no…better than normal because I feel okay even after a good gym session. The strange hunger effects begin when I stop taking the creatine, I become even more thirsty I guess thats because there is no more excess creatine in the body to help water absorption into the muscles. I also start leaning out, I mean every muscle I have been working out begins feeling tight and my stomach is always flat without tensing my abdormen even after I eat. I start feeling the gym pains again when I am working out (I actually like those) but the worst thing is I am always hungry as if my insides will start eating me up. I am hungry even right after I eat yet, I stay lean even though I eat all the time especially during the holidays when there is nothing to keep me busy.

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