Setting realistic fitness goals

We see a picture of a fit and lean celeb on television and are inspired to atleast consider getting a gym membership, most of us never do but the ones that do get gym meberships think that there is a quick fix. At first you never really know what you are aiming for or what you are aiming for is impossible to achieve in the amount of time you give yourself. I mean lets be realistic here, you are never going to gain 30lbs of lean muscle in 6 weeks, and you are not going to get killer abs in 2 weeks of working out. These things take time so its important to have patience and discipline to stick to your diet and your routine and be consistant. I have had many gym partners this past year, and all of them were initially very excited to go to the gym and workout but soon they lost that excitement and going to gym became a chore. Its similar to people who makes new years resolutions to get in shape but only workout for the first few days of the year.

The truth is you have to make a serious commitment to working out, it has to be a weekly feature in your calender just like a public holiday, but this time thats spread out to a few days a week and you must dedicate a few hours of your time to it. You must not expect to grow muscle or burn fat over-night. Fitness and having a great body is not something for the lazy, you have to work your butt off! There are no shortcuts or some magic 2 week plan, this is real life!

If you want to gain muscle try having a diet that supports weight gain, this means increasing your calories. Workout hard to push your muscles to the limit to allow proper muscle stimulation to enable muscle breakdown and growth, have enough rest. Set little targets for yourself like ” okay, I want to gain 1lbs this week.” Set fitness goals for yourself like, “Im going to add more weight every week as I get stronger,” maybe adding an extra 5-10lbs to your initial bench press as you get stronger weekly. The important thing is not lying to yourself and setting targets you can actually achieve, don’t expect to look like Brad  Pitt, Greg Plitt or the 300 guys after a month of working out.

If you are not seeing results, dont let that discourage you, my gym partners were dropping me like flies and I often had to beg them to join me but eventually I had to leave them and go by myself because they were slowing me down. I eventually started seeing results and I did not let people who would often say that I had been gyming for months and I was still the same stop me from following my routine. I knew that if I did proper research and found a plan that worked for me, I would see results. You have to want it enough, you have the power and the full control to change what ever aspect in your life you want to improve, just don’t expect it to come easy over-night.

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