Prof Tim Noakes Low-Carb High Fat Stone Age Type Banting Diet

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In South Africa Professor Tim Noakes has re-popularised (in
his book The Real Meal Revolution)
a low-carb high fat diet called the Banting Diet named after William Banting
the creator of this diet even though I think it’s a type of diet consistent
with what was eaten by people in the pre-development era when humans were still
hunter gatherers for example the stone age, or the age when the Khoisan people roamed
freely and undisturbed in Southern Africa. What differentiates the Banting diet
from other low carb diets is that it restricts carbs and increases fat
consumption while eating a moderate amount of protein. Apparently with this
diet you can eat as much as you want as long as you are eating the right types
of food, completely cutting out processed foods. This type of diet keeps you
lean, and although you will be eating as much as you want, you will not eat
that much as the types of food recommended on this diet are filling, also
increased fat intake suppresses appetite.
This diet can be very expensive as you have to eat about
50/50 meat and vegetables and meat is very expensive (prices are increasing
every year, inflation is crazy here in South Africa), the luxury with processed
foods is that it’s cheap but it’s not good for you and makes you fat which is
why the Banting diet cuts it and makes you eat like people used to in the Stone
Age. The goal of the Banting Diet is to control your hunger by eating foods
that keep you full for longer, so eating the types of foods that you can eat as
much as you want (nutrient rich wholesome foods) without controlling portions
but you still lose weight and stay lean. What this type of diet does is to make
your body go into a state called ketosis, whereby your body starts using fats
as energy instead of storing fat because you are not giving it enough carbs
which is the body’s usual fuel system. You are forcing/tricking your body into
burning fat for fuel which will allow you to get or stay lean.

The Types of food you
will be eating if you want to go on a Tim Noakes/Banting Diet:

Free range eggs, fish, nuts (walnuts, almonds etc), Grassfed
beef, full cream dairy products, leafy green vegetables, low sugar fruits, and
you can drink sugar free coffee, green tea and water.

You have to say bye-bye
to foods like this:

All processed foods which means, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners
found in diet drinks and fat-free, sugar-free products, white rice, potatoes,
soft drinks, pastries etc.

The reason the diet is popular is because Prof Tim Noakes
himself uses the diet himself and has shared his results so people are
convinced of his diets effectiveness. He is overly restrictive on carbs for
himself but says that others can have carbs in their diet but not a lot as they
need to be restricted for this diet plan to work.
Having a super low carb diet can be very challenging to the average
person as our daily meals are so carb intensive (whether processed or not). In
a family setting the whole family would have to change the way it eats for this
to work, the person who usually cooks has the power in whether this type of
diet works or not. You would also have to do research on different low carb diets so that you
do not eat the same stuff over and over again until you miss your old unhealthy habits. Oh you can buy the real meal revolution and get recipes from there, you could search online for lchf diets, there are many sites and facebook pages which share Banting style recipes.

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