My new fasting plan to shed the fat

So a few days ago I found a really cool post, which inspired me to look into intermittent fasting as an option to shed fat and gain lean muscle over time. My current method of gaining was leaving me feeling a little heavy and a bit on the fat side, I was not as ripped as I wanted to be but that what you usually have to sacrifice to gain some mass. Now imagine how happy I was to find out I could be lean and gain lean mass simultaneously.

 So now I too have decided that I will skip breakfast and fast for 16hours a day(because that about as long as I can handle being without food) and eat during the last 8 hours of the day. So I will fast from 8pm (which is when I will have my last meal of the day) till about 12pm, which is when I will have my first meal of the day, then I will eat sometime between 12 and 8pm, probably at about 4pm and finally my last meal will be at around 8pm. My diet consists of mainly carbs and protein, but a high percentage of carbs especially on workout days because I need the energy and I’m trying to get bigger.

I’m always tempted to drop the whole 85kg plan to see how I would look if I got completely ripped but I feel it will be worth the effort in the end being ripped at around 85kg. I reckon I’m close to that weight now but I have too much fat that is why I wanted to get to 90kg to cut, but since I’m trying fasting out, maybe I could go straight to cut 85kg without the need to go to 90kg then cutting.

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