My first week of intermittent fasting

It has been just over a week since I started using intermittent fasting to lean out, and to gain lean muscle. I can say that the results are already visible even though it’s only been a week. I have lost some weight, even though that was not the plan it had to happen, I am not sure yet whether it is mostly water or fat that I have lost or the combination.

Water-loss & fat-loss

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What makes me say it could be a combination of fat and water loss is that I have been losing a lot of water which has dehydration as a side effect because I was not drinking enough water lately. I have also noticed that my muscles are tighter, and Its gotten hard for me to inflate my stomach because my abs have been feeling tight(the skin around them). Also my arms, chest and legs are tight giving me that lean look, what that means is that I look skinnier (smaller) than before but now all my gains will be lean muscle even though they might take more time.

How the compound workouts and Intermittent fasting complement each other

My new compound exercise routine has had a hand in the tightness of my muscle I believe, so this combo is working really well so far, I am expecting good results. I know it is a bit early but signs are positive. In terms of me adapting to the intermittent fasting eating style I have found that since I stopped eating in the mornings, whenever I eat, the food that I eat is used more effectively, meaning not matter how large the portion I eat I feel like it is being used to the max (or close to the max) by the body since I spend so many hours without eating, after meals my stomach remains flat.  I am also satisfied by the food I eat now, I do not feel the need to eat a lot (which may cause me to consume less calories good for fat loss, not so much for muscle gain), but I am trying to eat most of my carbs after my workout.

I will post pictures to show progress soon, and I will post and update, every now and then to document my progress.

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