Muscle, muscle and more muscle…

Do you ever wonder why we want muscle, why some of us are obsessed with being the biggest and strongest. Do you ever wonder why some girls are turned on by the macho man with bulging muscle, about to rip through his shirts.

I always wonder and it brings me back to days when we would arm wrestle to see who the strongest was in primary and high school. We where skinny and the only big kids were the fat ones but it did not matter we wanted to know who was the strongest. We would have little mini fighting tournaments when I was a kid to see who was the baddest, we beat the heck out of each other, we tried out wrestling moves and those Bruce Lee kicks and chops on each other. The wrestling shows always had a message that said please don’t try this at home but that seemed to make us want to do it more.

I always thought they did not want us to try that stuff at home because it was not safe and we could get hurt, which was true by the way. These guys were trained professionals but then again before they were professionals they too had to start somewhere, whether it was wrestling and fighting with their best friends or brothers in the back yard trying out all those dangerous moves we were now advised to not try at home.

Then we grew up and were in the 10th grade and and some guys really started working out and had muscle, and every other guy would work out to see who had more muscle or a more defined 6 pack. It has always been some sort of alpha competition this muscle thing.

Who was the first bodybuilder and what made him do it? this is another question that always creeps into my mind whenever I think about muscle building. What is so alpha about guys with muscle, that makes other guys with less impressive physiques feel inferior and women go crazy…

What makes an already muscular jock like Phil Heath decide to take his muscle building to the next level and decide to make himself the biggest most muscular defined earthling, at the risk of scaring of most girls and limiting his motion and speed. This muscle building thing is like some sort of drug that, once you are hooked is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, always aiming to reach a certain size to be satisfied but once you are at that point you always feel like there is something missing or you can improve. Its a path seeking a perfection that cannot be achieved. 

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