McDonalds (fast food) doesn’t make you fat

I have been watching a few videos and reading articles on dirty
and bulking in general and I have also been reading articles on
clean eating and weight loss and weight gain in general. What I found was that a
lot of people were quick to bash fast foods and blame them for obesity and poor
health; some idiots even go as far as suing fast food chains like McDonalds
blaming them for making them fat (which I think is just ridiculous, it’s like
suing an alcohol company for being an alcoholic). I can’t believe courts would
even allow such ridiculous cases.
eating too much makes you fat
good old burger and chips (fries)

Why fast food is not
responsible for making you fat

Firstly I feel like, while fast food may not be the
healthiest food around and while it may also contain a lot of calories it is
not responsible for making you fat. You are responsible for making yourself fat;
it’s a lack of self control that makes people fat. If you continuously make bad
eating decisions everyday for 3 or more meals per day what do you expect the
result to be? Fast food chains do not force you to eat their food; you
willingly buy the food and eat it yourself, there is no gun pointing to your
head threatening to kill you if you do not eat those burgers and chips (fries
in America).
People are getting fat not because of fast food but because
they eat too much (way more than they need) and to top it off they do not work
out to burn off the calories they consume. If you ate “healthy” food as much as
you ate “junk” food that food would still make you fat. The truth of the matter
is it’s the amount of calories you consume that make you fat not the type of
food, it just so happens that most fast foods have a lot of calories but you
could still eat fast food at maintenance calories or under and not gain weight.
Back in 2011 I was eating fast-food almost daily and I was in the best shape of
my life because I was active and out of my 5 meals per day, the fast food meal
would make up just one meal in my day not all of them.
Also note that the reason most people get fat is that they
eat junk food throughout the day, so not only would they eat a big mac meal
with large chips (fries) and a large coke they would eat other “junk food”
throughout the day such as whole pizza’s, ice cream and chocolate cake (or
whatever cake they like) and a bunch of other stuff so the calories add up.  So you see it’s a lack of self control that makes
one fat, if one had the self control to limit the amount of calorie dense foods
they consumed then one would not become overweight. Mix this lack of self
control and lack of exercise and we have an obesity problem.

Eating your favourite food but not getting fat

Food is an energy source for the body, you should only eat when you are hungry and not for any other reasons because then you are asking for problems. Its fine to eat for enjoyment of food, so if you want to eat food you enjoy you can but you have to include it in your daily meal plans and not have it on top of your regular diet because then you are adding access calories, also be careful not to eat too much, portions are important. You should not be eating to the point where your stomach is a balloon and it starts to hurt.

Here is an interesting rant I came across on Tumblr which I fully
agree with about the concept of “clean eating” Also read my post on fat acceptance if you want to hear my views on that movement. 

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