Having Trouble Staying Focused on Fitness Goals

I strongly believe in setting goals if I want to achieve something whether those goals are health and fitness related or something else. I believe if you break long term goals into shorter interlinked goals it will take you to your goal easier because you have a plan of action to follow where you can evaluate your progress at different stages to see what you have been doing right, what you have achieved up to that point and the areas that still need improvement.

Trouble sticking things out

The problem I have noticed is that I have a very hard time sticking with a goal if it is too long, say 3 or more months. I have noticed that I get bored very easily, and even though I don’t drop my ultimate goal I usually drop my short term goals whenever I have to do them for what I feel is a long time. I remember when I was eating 5/6 times a day in regular intervals I got sick of that after a while, then I started doing intermittent fasting and as my appetite started to decrease I knew I would not gain the required amount of weight if I did not feel like eating so I eventually dropped IF and went back to eating 5 or more times per day because I feared I was under eating. The thing is I eventually start under eating because I just don’t feel like stuffing my face anymore even though I know that is the only way to grow. Another thing is I always feel like cutting and becoming super cut when I am bulking especially when I see one of those ripped aesthetic guys like Marc Fitt but in the back of my head is skinny me telling current me to add more size and the cutting will come later. Sometimes I wish I was already in a state whereby all I needed to do was eat for function like Greg Plitt does instead of eating at certain times because I have to in order to reach my caloric targets each day.

staying focused on fitness goals
Most recent pics of my progress so far

The example I gave above is like when you do not stick to a workout program long enough to see its effects, always changing routines prematurely. Its like having too many gurus who teach different things which all work individually if you stick with them and dedicate yourself to one method instead of learning and trying to master all the methods.

Nutrition is the hardest part

I find it rather easy to stick with workout routines even though I have the urge to try out new things especially when I read about new routines that are working for people or I watch a cool video like watching the DC bar brothers. With the workouts I can wait a while before I try new routines. The problem starts when it comes to nutrition or “diet”, I guess I feel the nutrition part of things is the hardest thing to do, eating healthy, eating enough and sticking with it is the hardest part of muscle building. I often do not force myself to eat when I don’t feel like eating even though I know I need to eat more than 3 times a day to reach my goal. I often wonder how much further I would be if I stuck with things and I forced that food down my throat when it was time to eat, I want to stop “wondering,” I want to take out the what ifs in this equation. I want to stay as disciplined in my nutrition as I am in my weight training, I want to stick to a certain type of eating plan for a prolonged period to see its true results not the faulty results due to my lack of commitment at times.

This post was just sharing one of my weaknesses when it comes to achieving my fitness goals upon reflecting on the past year. I feel I should be much further by now, but this year I want to reach my goal more than ever before and I cannot afford to let lack of discipline get in my way. I am sure you guys have things you also feel hold you back, its good to admit these things so that you can correct them if you are going to reach your goal.

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