Give your Calves Some Much Needed Attention

is no good having a big upper body if it is not proportional to your lower
body. No one wants needle legs, they are not appealing that is why it is
important to train your calf muscles. Ignoring calves will not benefit you.
Some of us are born with calf that are a respectable size but there are others
out there who have to work that much harder in order to build nice looking
muscular legs. I am going to share a calf workout everyone can do at home
without the need to go to the gym.
are the kind of muscle like abs with a relatively fast recovery time, so once
you get used to it, you can train calves more than once per week and you will
see good results just like you would see good results in your abs if you train
abs more than once per week. The home calf workouts are things you could do at
home without access to the standing and seated calf raise machines.

Standing calf raises on machine

Home Calf Workout

first calf workout I like to do is to imitate the standing calf raise machine by
standing straight, touching a wall, or a pole so that I do not lose balance.
Then I go up on my toes slowly then go back down till my heels touch the
ground, repeating for many reps usually 25. To make it more difficult I
lift my one leg off the ground by bending it then doing one leg calf raises
using my bodyweight. Also to add some weight you can carry a back pack with
textbooks, or find another way to do weighted bodyweight calf raises.
other variation of this exercise is to walk while doing them, walking calf
raises are done by raises your body with every step by slowly going on your
toes with your leading foot, going down as slowly as when you went up.
like to do these calf raises when I am at home doing bodyweight exercises or
when I am in between sets and I am taking active rest.
can come up with many ways to work out any muscle in our body if you really
want to. Don’t ignore your calves, train them regularly and you will be one
step closer to a complete ripped aesthetic physique.

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