Fit vs super ripped and shredded!


Well the answer most commonly given is diet. Nutrition is the most important element in ones health and total fitness level, its the difference between the average gym goer and the fitness model every average person is mesmerised by. Proper nutrition is not an easy thing to get used to…we have to first get rid of all our bad eating habits and develop good eating habits which is not easy as I said before because firstly, Junk food tastes good and we usually buy junk food whereas healthy clean food is often not so tasty and is relatively expensive. It must surely take alot of discipline to stick to a clean diet and I can only imagine how much discipline one needs to stay on a clean diet all year round.


We all know that proteins are the building blocks of cells, whether its the making of new cells or the replacement of damaged ones. Muscles are cells mostly made up of protein. Muscle building deals with both the building and breaking down of muscle so it becomes obvious that one needs a sufficient amount of protein in order to maintain, build and repair damaged muscles. The question now becomes how much protein does one need to build muscle? Well I cannot be too sure since I am no expert but different sources suggest between 1g – 2g of protein per pound of body weight. That means between 200g-400g of protein for a person weighing 200lbs. It is usually suggested that one cannot eat more than 30g of protein in one sitting because the body will not be able to absorb it, so the best thing to do is to have many small meals distributed throughout the day to get the best out of your protein. I personally do not weigh my meals or measure how much protein I take in but I will admit that my daily diet is primarily chicken, beef and once a week I eat fish. I also eat a lot of peanut butter and walnuts. And I have 3 main meals but then I have about 3 snack meals in between the major meals because I am always hungry. If I were to decrease my food intake I would lose weight because I have a fast metabolism, I guess the fast metabolism helps because I also eat a lot of junk food but I realise that if I want to take my physique to the next level I will have to clean up my diet.

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