Confidence builder or douchebag creator

GYM = a confidence boost

There is a lot of good that comes with working out: a positive self image, a great body, a healthy body and that can often lead to you attracting more people of the opposite sex. Everyone wants to be seen as attractive by the opposite sex no matter how much they lie to themselves by saying they don’t care. The truth is we are not created equal, some people are more good-looking than others, what does this mean? This means that we as men should groom ourselves, look good, smell good and ultimately feel good so that we have the confidence to walk up to any woman/girl we find attractive and try to be as charming as possible. Grooming and working out does not gaurantee that you get the girl you want but it increases your chances of success because you are more confident. Which leads me to my next topic…

Does gym = douchebag effect?

You have always seen the buff bully in films, the guy who plays football in highschool or wrestles, the guy feared and envied by other guys and loved by females. Sometimes I think that guys gym just to become the alpha male , the Johnny bravo, the ultimate douchebag. Then I think to myself,”why not,” I mean who would not like all the female attention and for guys to want to be like him. Girls do tend to like bad guys especially when they are still young. Many guys I know never started gym for health reasons it was because some girl said they need to add more muscle or their too skinny or fat. I never started gym for health reasons either it was related to girls as well and wanting to look of age, but as I began gaining more mass my reasons have changed. I will say that I am more confident than ever before, some say to the extent of being over-confident, but what is that? I believe as long as im genuine and the stuff I say is true then its not being cocky or over-confident. Does gym create douches-bags? YES, but only those who want to become douchesbags become them and it also depends on your inspiration. Gyming because you were bullied only to become the bully is not a good change. 

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