Bulking up

In the period after september till the end of november I seemed to be filling out. I had increased my visits to the gym trying to work on each body part with more focus. Certain people said if I did not stop, soon I would look like those bulky bodybuilder types. I was not worried much by those statements, because I had not reached my goal weight of 85kg. I have been on a slow bulk this whole year and have not yet considered cutting until I feel I have enough lean mass to look great after a cut.

The more I workout, it seems the more I realise how much work still needs to be put in. It has become and addiction, I feel like I need to get to that 85kg mark. I look at the lean physique of Josef rakich and I am impressed by it and want to look that way some day but than I look at the late Zyzz and I also want a bigger physique or maybe even a physique like Charley Montreuil. I guess I have come to accept the fact that I want to be lean but to extreme side of lean with more mass.

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