Building Muscle Fast Like Hollywood Celebrities

I always wondered how celebs managed to transform their bodies in months especially for super hero movies like Thor, Spiderman, Captain america, Batman and even epic movies like 300. Then a friend of mine reminded me that celebs are not like us normal civilians. They have millions of dollars at hand and can afford the best trainers and nutritionist money can buy. Some may even use steroids to speed up the muscle building process. To add to that they don’t have normal daily jobs like us so when they are preparing for a big film they dedicate a whole 6 or more months for just workouts and clean diets, a luxury normal people can’t afford.

chris hemsworth got mighty buff as thor
Chris Hemsworth got mighty buff for Thor

I have realized that you don’t need to be a celeb to be able to build a great body in a short period of time; you don’t need to have a personal trainer to push you and tell you what to do; you don’t even need to pay anyone for fitness information. You just need to have the drive within you to want to change your lifestyle first, then you need to be willing to put in the hours of research and hard work needed to get you to the fitness level you desire. You need to set goals for yourself and learn how you are going to accomplish those goals then implement what you have learnt into your lifestyle to achieve those fitness goals.

When I get lazy I just look at past pictures and remember why I workout and then I remember where I want to be and how I want to look. I look at people who have achieved their fitness goals for inspiration and that makes me work even harder and push myself. YOU don’t need others to push YOU, YOU just need to want it bad enough. If you need to find other people on a fitness journey and experts in the fitness world the forum is a great place to start.

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