Bodyweight Leg Exercise – Pistol Squats (one legged squats)

When you train legs at the gym you train them heavy, heavier than any other body parts. What happens when you stop going to the gym for some reason? How does one train legs if they don’t have weights and they also don’t have a gym membership? Well there are many leg exercises to do at home but today I am going to cover one of the more difficult home leg exercises which is the pistol squat also known as the one legged squat. What makes the one legged squat so good at working legs and the reason its difficult is because unlike the normal bodyweight squat, when you do the single legged squat you support your whole body and lower and raise it using only one leg which helps to build your legs better and faster than if you were to do an equal amount of normal bodyweight squats.

pistol squat for big legs at home
behind me are a few 50kg sacks sand, I can think of many workouts especially leg workouts to do using those

Watch This Video I Made on Doing Pistol Squats

Usually people do the pistol squat by finding their balance on one leg and straightening the other leg in the air and then proceeding to squat in that position. There is nothing wrong with this method of doing the pistol squat but I like to focus on the squatting movement itself and the leg I am using to squat rather focusing on stretching the other leg and what position it is in (that just makes my life a little more difficult). So when I do the pistol squat I do it on a  raised platform which helps me with my balance and also because I am not flexible I do not have to worry about straightening my other leg while I squat if I position myself correctly on the edge of a staircase or a raised platform.

I like doing pistol squats in sets of 5 reps per leg, since its half the reps I usually do I do double the sets, so instead of 3 sets of pistol squats I would do 6 sets of 5 reps then I would move on to the next leg exercise. I will make other videos/posts on other home leg workouts in the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to this blog or follow me on any social networks that I use, you can do that below.

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