8 Weeks Results Intermittent Fasting (eat stop eat results)

I have been fasting for the past 8 weeks now using the eat stop eat method for intermittent fasting which is a 24 hour fast done once or twice daily along with resistance training 3 or more times a week. Click here to read more about eat stop eat. I have only been fasting 1 day per week for most of the 8 weeks, my results will differ from someone else’s results especially someone who fasts for 2 days a week or consumes less calories on non fasting days. My results will also differ from someone who does consistent cardio, I stopped jogging a few weeks back, I think its like a month since I last jogged (I ran a few km’s then when I got back from my run I started coughing and feeling as if I was getting the flu, it was the end of winter here and people always get flu like symptoms when there is a change of season for some reason, so I decided I would not run for that week and I never got back into it hehe).

8 weeks results intermittent fasting

I lost some weight at the beginning but not a lot since I was pretty lean to begin with so I have been noticing little differences in abs visibility which signaled to me that my bf was decreasing but I was not losing a lot of weight even though I was at about a 3000 calories deficit each week. The less fat you have to lose the harder it is to lose more fat its like your body is holding onto it. I have also noticed that as my bf has been decreasing I have been looking more muscular, even though I weigh less I look bigger. You will find that many fitness model who look big really aren’t that big, they appear bigger and more muscular because of lower body fat percentages.

8 weeks fasting results eat stop eat

I have been feeling and looking bloated lately but that’s because in the past few days I have been eating a lot of sweet potatoes, they always seem to me me bloated. In the video and pictures I am posting here you will see how I am looking now but I usually have better looking abs and cuts when I am not bloated.

intermittent fasting for 8 weeks
intermittent fasting progress

getting ripped using intermittent fasting

The last time I wrote a progress post I said I was going to stop doing weighted oblique workouts so I did, the only abs exercises I have been doing every other day are sit ups and leg raises. If you have been following my recent blog post then you would also know that I am now doing mostly bodyweight exercises, there is a lot of core work i bodyweight exercises that why you usually find guys who do calisthenics with awesome abs, all those bar exercises are good for your mid section.

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