5 reasons why sprinting trumps jogging

Why you should sprint

I am continuing with the cardio series, today I will give you some great reasons why sprinting is better than jogging. We humans are competitive beings and we live for competition, whether its competition amongst ourselves or watching others compete against one another. This year being the year of the London Olympics I thought I would ask you which sport do people look forward to watching, is it the 100m dash or the other long distance races? Will you remember Usain Bolts feats or those of who ever wins those long distance races?

Fastest sprinter in the world

Well I cannot even remember who wins or competes in long distances but I bet you most people know who the fastest man in the world is. Nobody cares if you can run the longest faster, everybody treats the sprinter like royalty in athletics.

So here’s why sprinting trumps jogging:

  • Its a form of HIIT – since it cannot be done for long periods at the same intensity, you sprint in short intense intervals where you push yourself to the limit, this allows you body to burn calories long after you have finished your workout.
  • It is great for your legs and abs – have you ever noticed how sprinters have thick powerful legs and great abs, well that is what short bursts of speed will get you.
  • It is fun – there is no fun in running long distance and cramping up in the middle of nowhere, I have seen so many people collapse from running marathons which are long and boring. With sprinting you get to see how fast you can go, everyone loves abit of speed. Nothing is better than being known as the fastest, whether its in the world or just amongst your mates.
  • It allows for you to build muscle – unlike jogging and long distance which often leads to muscle loss ( have you seen how skinny long distance runners are), when you sprint you can build great muscle to aid with explosive power and acceleration just look at how buff those Olympic sprinters are. 
  • Sprinters are the jocks of athletics – its just more cool to be a sprinter than a long distance runner, as I have stated above sprinters are the superstars of athletics. You want to be the hero not the sidekick.
Basically sprinting is a great form of cardio which gives you the lean athletic physique that so many people dream on having.

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