10 of the most ripped Tv and movie Super heroes

We see actors buff up or just get in shape for roles all of the time but no one does it more often or better then actors who take on super hero roles. Their goal is to look as built up as possible for that costume so that they look like the roles their trying to portray without needing much CGI. Most of their roles include scenes where they are topless so they don’t just need size but they need to be cut and lean, this means they must have functional muscle to be able to move fast and do some of the action scenes themselves. So today I present a list of 10 of the most ripped superheroes, who have ever graced the big screen or just Tv.

1. Thor ( Chris hemsworth )

– was very lean before but added mass shirt ripping, costume ripping mass for the Thor movie

2.Captain America ( Chris Evans )

– was in awesome shape before in fantastic four but has added more mass to his structure with good effect

3. Aquaman ( Alan Ritchson)

–  Former model, used to be Aquaman on smallville and now plays Football captain on Blue Mountain State

4. Wolverine ( Hugh Jackman)

– this guy is big and lean, he had to be ofcourse after all the wolverine is a beast! He maintains his size all the time now unlike other celebs as seen in his recent movie real steel.

5. Batman ( Christian Bale)

– Was in awesome shape in American psycho back in the day and Usually packs on mass pretty quickly when he is required to do so for batman.




6. Green Arrow ( Justin Hartley )

– Used to play the green arrow on smallville, Doesn’t have super powers just gadgets and skill like batman

7. Ben Foster as Angel in x-men 3:

Super lean angel guy I saw in an X-men poster a long time ago, I remembered he was lean and I wanted to be that way at the time.

8. Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool in X-men

– From Van Wilder to muscle bound  in Blade and X-men

9. Brandon Routhe superman

– Had to buff up for the superman role, he also acted in Chuck in one of the seasons as an agent.

10. Dr Manhattan ( Greg Plitts body was used as model)

if it were not for the fact that he is mostly computer generated, he would be the buffest most shredded superhero ever.

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